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Vons Grocery Warehouse - El Monte, CA

Scope of Work:

Installation of polyester reinforced Elastomeric System

Roof Size:

310,000 sq. ft.

Original Roof System:

This warehouse was built in the late 1940's. The original roof system was a typical 4-ply built-up cap sheet roof over a gypsum deck.

Project Description:

The warehouse operations could not be interrupted, so a roof removal was out of the question. The original roof was rapidly deteriorating and the possibility of water saturating the gypsum deck became the critical issue. With no impact to the operations, we installed two plies of polyester in asphalt emulsion, and when that was cured, we applied a white Elastomeric Reflective Coating. This was one of the first roofs that had a system installed using polyester as a reinforcing membrane and an acrylic white reflective coating. 16 years later we installed another ply and Elastomeric White Reflective Acrylic. This roof is almost 65 years old now, and with regular maintenance, it will probably never have to be replaced. In addition to the energy savings, the total cost to date for all of the roofing work is well below the what the cost would have been to remove the roof and install a new built-up roof system.