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Toshiba America Information Systems - Irvine, CA

Scope of Work:

General roof maintenance and the application of a white Elastomeric System over a mineral granule cap sheet roof surface. The installation included seven office, manufacturing, and warehouse buildings.

Roof Size:

656,000 sq. ft.

Original Roof System:

Typical 3-ply fiberglass hot built-up roof system stapled to a plywood deck. The roof systems were 4 to 6 years old.

Project Description:

The facilities director at Toshiba wanted to extend the service of the existing roofs and reduce the air conditioning costs of the facilities. Due to the poor condition of the prematurely failing existing roofs, Toshiba would need to replace the roofs in the next 2-3 years at a cost of over one million dollars. In addition, roof tear-off and replacement would be a major interruption to ongoing operations. Substantal savings would be realized with the existing roofs left in place and coated with a cool reflective coating to slow down the effects of the sun's utraviolet rays. This installation would have minimal impact to operations due to the low-odor of the water-based materials.

The roofs were cleaned and general roof maintenance was performed to all penetrations and roof defects. The perimeters were all coated with additional waterproofing and reinforced with a polyester fabric prior to the applications of the reflective coating. Three gallons of white Elastomeric Acrylic Coating were applied per 100sq. ft. to all roof surfaces and parapets. With regular maintenance this system should give Toshiba and additional 15 years of service life.