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Mission Viejo, CA 92691
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CA Lic. #: 389884 C-39


Radio Shack Western States Distribution Center - Woodland, CA

Scope of Work:

Installation of polyester reinforced Elastomeric System

Roof Size:

170,000 sq. ft.

Original Roof System:

This warehouse was built in 1980. The original roof system was a typical 4-ply built-up cap sheet roof over a plywood deck.

Project Description:

The original roof system was installed very poorly which resulted in the felts deteriorating and the roof becoming "burned out" prematurely. The amount of ultraviolet deterioration in the felts had burned out the oils and left the entire system brittle. The warehouse leaked severely and during the summer was extremely hot inside. It was decided to install a polyester reinforced re-cover and apply a white Elastomeric Reflective Coating to reduce the heat in the warehouse. The manager said that after we applied the reflective coating, "the temperature in the warehouse was significantly cooler, even when it was over 100 degrees outside." With continued maintenance this roof will have an exeptionally long life.