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"Cool Roof technology coats the roof surface with a reflective material that can lower the temperature of a building’s roof by up to 100 degrees. This produces lower interior temperatures and reduces cooling costs by up to 50%."

EPA Spokeswoman, Donna Heron, in an article titled:
Zapped by High Energy Bills? Savings of up to 50 Percent Start at the Top with Cool Roofs

Read the rest of the article on the EPA web site.

Scholten Roofing Service has been a pioneer in the development and installation of COOL ROOFS for nearly 30 years. We were one of the first roofing contractors that pioneered the installation of fluid applied reinforced Cool roof systems. The use of white reflective roofing materials reflects 91% of the solar spectrum, keeping solar heat out of buildings and increasing energy savings. White Cool Roofs can be 60 degrees F cooler on hot days than traditional darker roofing membranes. The result for building owners and tenants is that they have less wear on the cooling systems reducing maintenance expenses as well as lowering energy bills. The other environmentally friendly benefit is that the urban heat Island effect is reduced due to the cool roof.

“After Scholten applied the white reflective coating to our 250,000 sq ft produce warehouse, it took two weeks to adjust our cooling system so that the lettuce and grapes wouldn’t freeze” Errol Briggerman Vons Warehouse

The other environmentally friendly practice is that we very rarely need to remove the existing roof system. This results in a large reduction of roofing waste being put in landfills.

Our company has a “Green” recycling program that recycles all material that can be recycled.

Here is an article from the Oakland Tribune describing the benefits of cool roofs.

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory website also documents the positive effects of cool roofs.

"Scholten has always provided excelent quality and service, and I know that I can count on them to perform as they tell me they will perform. Scholten has also provided virtually immediate response to warranty calls.
Scholten Roofing's professionalism and service-oriented approach to business make my job easier. I give them my highest recommendation."

Lawrence A. Schell
Plant Services Manager
Certified Grocers, LTD.